Code of Conduct for volunteers

COPE is committed to ensuring that everyone involved with COPE can interact in a safe(r), caring and respectful environment that reinforces socially responsible behavior. All candidates, employees, executive members, volunteers and members with COPE are expected to understand and abide by this Interim Code of Conduct.


We believe it takes courage to report cases of harassment and that survivors are often in a less privileged position than the perpetrator(s) of violence, and face more barriers to speaking out, including social stigma and maintaining their safety. We strive to create a space where experiences of abuse or harassment can be confidently (and confidentially, if desired) received and responsively engaged with and addressed.

We are currently building a diverse, representative and experienced “Ombudsperson Team” to handle complaints. In the meantime, please contact COPE’s current Ombudsperson Leslie Kemp for any questions or feedback you may have about our Interim Code of Conduct or to make a complaint.  If your complaint involves our Ombudsperson, please contact the one of the Co-Chairs of COPE: Connie Hubbs or Rider Cooey