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The Executive Committee of the Coalition of Progressive Electors is the only elected committee in COPE. It meets monthly (see posted minutes) to administer the organization in between General Membership meetings. Some of the positions on the Executive have additional responsibilities, and are called "table officer positions." These positions (and their responsibilities as outlined in the by-laws) are described on our page on how to run for the Executive.

You can contact the COPE Executive Committee by sending an email to cope@cope.bc.ca and requesting that it be forwarded to the full Executive.


Rider Cooey RIDER COOEY (CO-CHAIR): I was born in St Catharines, Ontario. Attended college in California, during the 1968-69 SF State College strike for creation of Ethnic Studies programs. I organized and got certification for a Teaching Assistants Local of the AFT. I Canvassed for Rosemary Brown in 1972.Since 1977 a member of a Vancouver housing co-op where my eldest daughter grew up. My spouse Tamara and I also have twin girls at home in Vancouver. COPE member since before 2000. Socialist. Active in elections at all levels for forty years. Also active with Friends of False Creek (water quality & shoreline restoration), Citywide Housing Coalition, and the Poverty Olympics. Member of Raise the Rates, volunteer at Aboriginal Front Door for the last five years. Supporter of all housing crisis band-aids — like homeless shelters, tent cities, and temporary modular housing — especially if they’re on the westside.
EVA NANCY TRIGUEROS (CO-CHAIR): Nancy worked as a Human Rights Lawyer in Mexico and came to Canada in 1997. She later studied sociology and community development at SFU. However, her passion is Human rights. She worked for 10 years supporting refugees claims after obtaining her Immigration Consultant Certificate. After a number of years she changed paths into education and completed a Post Bachelors degree on ABA-Applied Behavioural Analysis. She has always been politically active since the age of 20 in Mexico with the left party, later coordinated efforts abroad in the recent win of Morena Party in Mexico.  She is also member of Socialist Alternative. In 2017, Nancy was a key speaker before 10,000 people at the Women March in Vancouver.
Carol Jerde CAROL JERDE (TREASURER): Carol (aka CJ) was born, raised, educated and spent her working life in Alberta, where she was an activist and elected leader in her union, and had broad participation the NDP, and in the womens', peace and other social justice movements. She is very happy when singing in choirs dedicated to nourishing and encouraging those fighting for a better world. Climate change and the capitalist crisis are expected to keep her engaged for the foreseeable future.
1ff5233 CONNIE HUBBS (FUNDRAISER): Connie began her activism with the women's movement and was an active union member with CUPE, CUPW and the BCTF. She is currently a member of the Vancouver Eco Socialists and is committed to arresting climate change and identifying the underlying causes in our ecomonic  system and its focus on limitless growth. She founded three not for profit organizations that are still operating and over the last 20 years has worked in the area of fundraising and philanthropy assisting hundreds of organizations raise funds. Connie served as co-chair of COPE from March 2015 to November 2018. Vancouver is a beautiful city that has many challenges. Connie believes COPE's role is to represent those who are marginalized and to promote fairness in public life.
 Aiden Sisler AIDEN SISLER (CORRESPONDING SECRETARY): Aiden Lum Sisler's formal education includes a PhD in Developmental Psychology and MEd in Educational Psychology. She runs a private consulting and counsellingpractice in downtown Vancouver on unceded Coast Salish Territories geared towards transformative justice and individual and collective flourishing. She is the current Socialist Alternative Vancouver Branch Chair, Branch Committee member and Socialist Alternative Canada National Committee member.Aiden's first big political speech in Grade 8 was for the Save Our Schools campaign against the BC Liberals' austerity program . Since then she has worked on numerous coalitions including anti-racist, anti-fascist, feminist, LGBTQ+, and environmental justice campaigns in Europe and Canada. Also a Next Up 2017 graduate, Left Alternative and Team Jean Swanson organizer. Aiden looks forward to continuing to work with people who are building the mass movements for justice rising up across the globe.
 Riaz Behra RIAZ BEHRA (MEMBER-AT-LARGE) was born in Vancouver on unceded Coast Salish Territories to parents who migrated from South Africa where his grandfather played a central role in the mass struggle against apartheid. His first involvement in broad activist organizing dates to the early 2000’s with Stopwar.ca when large groups of people throughout the world mobilized to oppose the war on Iraq. Since then he has been involved in campaigns fighting for racial justice, economic equality and union rights. He believes in the need, to quote an old maxim, to “unite the many to defeat the few.” Riaz sees the housing crisis as an outgrowth of the concentration of power at the top end of our society. He respects COPE’s long and proud legacy of fighting for a more fair and just city.



20171112-DFC_1448-2 ESTHER SILVA(MEMBER-AT-LARGE) born 1934 on rural Saskatchewan farm to an English-Canadian Mother and a Dutch immigrant Father. Moved to BC coast in 1939 after an 8 year drought on the prairie and near end of depression with 7 family members at the age of 5. Family worked and lived on rented dairy farms on Vancouver island near Chemanius and also near Nanaimo. My first playmates were Indiginous children who came from a nearby reserve to trade fresh fish for fruit and vegetables from the farms orchard. Hoping to see these new friends starting grade 1 at the 1 room school, I got home disappointed to hear my dad explain that they weren't allowed to go to that school and were placed in orphanages. I never saw indiginous children in elementary, secondary, or university.when I was 10, we moved to Victoria West. I graduated from Victoria High school in 1952, attended Victoria College till 1954 and came to Vancouver to UBC. In 1958 graduated with a Master in science. I have had many jobs since about the age of 12: farm harvesting in Saanich, paper delivery girl, cleaning houses with mother, working in dry cleaners candy store, restaurant: dish washer, short order cook, waitress while attending university working in dry cleaners, waitress and short order cook drawing maps for BC forests, university student camp (kitchen help) lab technician, 3 years as research associate in Chicago, 3 years working on PhD AT Univ. of London, England almost 9 years in Lima, Peru as research associate and biochemistry lab instructor.
  JOHN YANO (EQUITY REPRESENTATIVE LGBQP CAUCUS)  Red seal journeyman cook. Social and environmental justice advocate. Born in Niagara Falls Ontario to parents who were born in Vancouver. Grew up in Toronto and lived for a number of years in Alberta prior to moving to Vancouver in 1999. Studied Organic Chemistry at University of Waterloo. Received diploma in Culinary Management from George Brown College. Currently a member of the BCNDP executive, federal and provincial riding NDP executives. Former HEU shop steward, member of local executive and member of two provincial union committees including the LGBT Standing Committee. Former delegate to the VDLC for HEU St. Paul’s Hospital Local.







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