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On May 3rd 2018, Jean Swanson, the longtime anti-poverty activist and order of Canada recipient, and her team of supporters, launched "The City We Need" platform with policy solutions geared toward solving the affordability crisis for the many.

Since May, Swanson and COPE's army of volunteers have worked hard to collect more than 15000 signatures on the City We Need petition calling for a Rent Freeze and better rent control, a Mansion Tax to end homelessness, $20 minimum wage, raising welfare, 7500 affordable childcare spaces, stopping Trudeau’s pipeline, affordable transit and much more.

Jean ran on these same policies in the 2017 Vancouver City Council by-election and finished a strong second.

On June 10th, 2018, the membership of COPE, Coalition of Progressive Electors, the oldest progressive civic party in Vancouver, unanimously voted to nominate Jean Swanson as their candidate for council and adopted her platform.

They also nominated Anne Roberts and Derrick O’Keefe as their council candidates to join forces with Jean to fight for the city we need. 

Also under the COPE banner, Diana Day and Barb Parrott are running for School board and Gwen Giesbrecht and John Irwin for Parks board. All of COPE's candidates are committed to fighting to make Vancouver affordable for everyone, especially for renters, and for working and low income people. 

COPE is the only party that is calling for a Rent Freeze. We are the only party that is committed to using the City's powers as well as the powers of grassroots organizing to pressure all levels of government for the city that we need. (Read our latest policy announcements here).

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