Vote COPE 2018

How to Vote

This election there are 8 days of advance voting, from Oct 10th to Oct 17th. Voting day is Oct 20th. Polls are open 8am-8pm. The city of Vancouver has released the list of advance voting stations on a map here. If at all possible we strongly recommend voting in advance for the full COPE slate - 7 candidates across Council, Schools, and Parks.

If you have questions about registration or ID, this page on the City of Vancouver website contains complete information.

In short, you can register to vote at the polling station with 2 pieces of ID. If you have only one piece of ID, you can swear a Declaration of Elector Identity and Place of Residence in front of a Presiding Election Official, which can count as a second piece of ID. If you don't have a fixed address, you can register to vote using the address of a shelter or social agency you go to.

If you have any questions about voting locations, times, or other issues- you can contact the City of Vancouver at or by Phone by calling 3-1-1.


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